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1.) What is your name?: Amanda
2.) Boy or Girl?: I <3 Skirts (girl)
3.) How old are you?: 15
4.) List atleast 5 of your favorite bands/artists:  Lisa Loeb, R.E.M., the rocket summer, the postal service, pink floyd
5.) List atleast 5 of your favorite movies: Donnie Darko, dangerous lives of the alter boys, American History X, Moulin rouge, Little Nicky, Loser
6.) In 6 words, how would you describe yourself?: Artistic, weird, funny, friendly, shy, caring


7.) What are your views on Homosexuality?: I am bisexual, I have never dated a girl but have a strong attraction to them. I actually see myself happier with a female then a male. I think love has nothing to do with gender. As long as you understand you can not create a child of your own then it is not a problem. One person I really feel I loved (she moved away) is a girl.
8.) What are your views on Homosexual Marriage?: I think it should be legal. The law should have no say in which you marry a male or female. If you love one another then you have the right to be together forever in a legal family. It is only fair.
9.) What are your views on Drugs/Drinking?: I don’t think people should do it to the extent where it harms others or themselves, eats away all of your money, to cover up their problems. Its really sad to see people who are sad go to drugs or alcohol for comfort. I cant help myself but to feel bad for them. Its something you have to be smart about. The best way is just avoiding it all though.
10.) What are your views on Religion?: I am an atheist. I don’t preach to anyone to be that way. I think having faith is a wonderful thing its just not something I can convince myself to believe.
11.) What are your views on Racism/Sexism?: I get really mad when I see people getting put down because of these. I live in Lewiston Maine where several problems have been known to happen with the growing population of Islamic people. They don’t even really talk to us, nor do we talk to them. And it really just makes things a whole lot harder. Im hoping that soon enough we all will just get along.
12.) What are your views on Abortion?: DON’T HAVE SEX WITHOUT PROTECTION!! It’s that easy! Don’t put yourself in the position where you have to kill a living being. It really is sad to even have to think about killing something so innocent. They are dying for your mistake!

13.) What is something you're addicted to?: Art… I just cant have enough! Im already looking at art colleges. I like to admire pretty people also.
14.) What are 3 things you cannot live without?: Music, art, pretty people
15.) Where did you promote the community?: MadRadHair
16.) Do you think you're rad?: YES! Woot woot ^_^
17.) What makes you so rad?: I draw pretty pictures, I like to make things, I like playing with my hair, I LOVE to play with other peoples. I just ate Japanese food, I like to take pictures, and as we speak I am talking to my friend about how fun it would be to masterbate while listening to modest mouse (jokingly)


18.) Let's see atleast 2 CLEAR pictures of you:

19.) Show us a picture of something that makes you rad. It can be a clothing item, painting, etc.: Self portrait  

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that was E Z! ^_^ thank you!
wow, man, i love your music <3