ALYSSA ! (exoh_lyssa_ohex) wrote in rad_2_da_max,


1.) What is your name?: Alyssa
2.) Boy or Girl?: Girl
3.) How old are you?: 13
4.) List atleast 5 of your favorite bands/artists: the used, the cure, coheed and cambria, the postal service, the police, lovedrug, hellogoodbye
5.) List atleast 5 of your favorite movies: beetlejuice, just married, mona lisa smile, edward siscorhands, the nightmare before christmas
6.) In 6 words, how would you describe yourself?: optimistic, but too emotional and dependent (does that count as six??)


7.) What are your views on Homosexuality?: i think people should do what they want
8.) What are your views on Homosexual Marriage?: it's their choice .. no one else's
9.) What are your views on Drugs/Drinking?: drugs'll kill you, even if it's not right away, you'll have a shorter life, but i think drinking's fine
10.) What are your views on Religion?: i think that whatever you beleive in, is real to you, so there really is no strict religion, that's the "real" one
11.) What are your views on Racism/Sexism?: people are who they are, regardless of their skin color, religion, or sex, it's labels that make people different from each other
12.) What are your views on Abortion?: people should decide for themselves wether they want to do it or not, but i think it sould only be a last resort thing


13.) What is something you're addicted to?: music
14.) What are 3 things you cannot live without?: my friends, music, my camera
15.) Where did you promote the community?:
16.) Do you think you're rad?: sure
17.) What makes you so rad?:um ... i dunno, i try to be cool (i suck at it .. i'll admit that) so i don't know .. i tried to come up with something(but i can't)...sorry


18.) Let's see atleast 2 CLEAR pictures of you:

19.) Show us a picture of something that makes you rad. It can be a clothing item, painting, etc.:

^those two are pictures that i took, and the one below is my curtians, cause i think they're cool .. lol

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