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Application <33


1.) What is your name?:Melyssa
2.) Boy or Girl?:Girl
3.) How old are you?:fourteen
4.) List atleast 5 of your favorite bands/artists:Head Automatica, GlassJAw, The Early November, Matchbook Romance, My Chemical Romance, FallOut Boy, Brand New.
5.) List atleast 5 of your favorite movies:Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Mystic River, Matchstick Men, Miss Congeniality [sp?], The Crow.
6.) In 6 words, how would you describe yourself?: Crazy, Fun, Cool, Nice, Rad, Obsessive Compulsive.


7.) What are your views on Homosexuality?:I think Homosexuality is no different than any other love. We want people to be happy right? Then let them get married. Besides, Bush telling people they can't get married isn't going to stop their love. I don't know what he's trying to prove. Gay people are still HUMAN.
8.) What are your views on Homosexual Marriage?:See above
9.) What are your views on Drugs/Drinking?:I think they will fuck up your life. I can understand drinking in moderation though.
10.) What are your views on Religion?:I believe in God. I don't think anyone should force their religion on others. &People should be able to worship whoever or whatever they want.
11.) What are your views on Racism/Sexism?:Theyre both really moronic. But I think that when people think of racism they think of minorites like black people or foreigners, but thats not entirely true...I know a LOT of people who are racist against white people. Also, I think that black people play a bigger part in racism- like they always say "it's because I'm black" or something, it's quite annoying. &When they act like they know all about slavery, expecially when they didn't expirence it. But Racism is still wrong nonetheless.
12.) What are your views on Abortion?: I think that its wrong, unless you are raped or the baby has a defect of some sort. If you decide to have sex at a young age, you should be ready for the worst to happen at any time.


13.) What is something you're addicted to?: MUSIC &buying CDs
14.) What are 3 things you cannot live without?: Music, Friends, Family, &My dog... Sorry- couldn't help but put 4.
15.) Where did you promote the community?: __coolfuckers
16.) Do you think you're rad?: Totally
17.) What makes you so rad?: Because I just am. There's no way to explain it. Haha. 'Cause I like to have fun.


18.) Let's see atleast 2 CLEAR pictures of you:

Sorry theyre sideways- I couldn't rotate them right.

19.) Show us a picture of something that makes you rad. It can be a clothing item, painting, etc.:

My dog makes me rad.
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hey lyss i jus wanna ask if you can do this for me cuz i wanna use pics of me on your comp:-P
I say yes because I like your face and your dog is cute.
i say yeah, cause i like your music, and what you said about racism / sexism, cause there i know so many asshats that do exactly that ... and expect people to feel sorry for them ...pisses me off ... ha ha but yeah, i think your cool
thanks :)